Sunday, May 20, 2012


This video is to honor all of our heroes in uniform and their families. They sacrifice so much so that we may enjoy our freedoms.
With all due respect to those who have served, continue to serve, have paid the ultimate sacrifice, their families and friends, I respectfully express regret for failing to acknowledge and pay homage to you on Armed Forces Day.
I am a day late but the love, honor and respect is there in abundance and I refused to allow the weekend to pass me by without simply telling you so.
Truth be told, you heroic men and women should be honored everyday of the year.
Thank you.  Thank you to your families and friends because without you, well, how shall I put it?  We would be up a creek without a paddle.
Know that you are appreciated, loved, honored and respected.
This American unapologetically salutes you.
Image courtesy of Zazzle
Image courtesy of Zazzle
God bless you all.

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