Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Could Romney Be the REAL Dictator if Elected?

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Maybe it’s just me but Obama and Romney are starting to remind me a bit of Putin and Medvedev. You know, one is the leader while the other is out, then the other is the leader while the other is out, only neither one of them is really ever out. Here’s what I mean.

Obamacare is fashioned after the Socialist healthcare program in Massachusetts which was fashioned by then Governor Mitt Romney...

While I can never imagine the day where I would welcome an Obama comeback, I do believe that Mitt Romney is Barack Obama II. Romney makes me about as uncomfortable and angry as Barry Sotero and I do not believe that Romney will walk back any of Obama executive orders or repeal Obamacare for that matter.

What I do believe is that Romney will perform the usual dog and pony which we have seen come from both sides, claim that he did his best. Say to the American people, "Oh well, I tried...." and then move on to business as usual.

Indeed, it very much looks like the "same old Putin-Medvedev game" and I do not like it nor will I welcome it.

Great post. You have said what I have been thinking all along.

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