Saturday, May 5, 2012

ELECTION 2012: Hey Barack, Stop using Navy SEALs/US Intel as Props for Your Re-Election Campaign -- REAL Heroes Don't Spike the Football!

Note to Barack:

After four years of shoving tyrannical regulations down the throats of Americans against our will, ignoring out pain and suffering, shredding our liberties, declaring those who oppose your Marxist ideology enemies of the state, destroying American businesses, our economy, confiscating private properties (Agenda 21), crony capitalism, failed policies, Communist propaganda, campaigning, countless vacations, intentional division of our nation on so many levels, historical government spending, government scams/cover ups and pilfering the coffers, we get that our heroes taking out Osama Bin Laden is all there is for you.


We also get that this one success in four years is all you got but this victory does not belong to you, Barack.  Because it happened on your watch does not give you the right to endlessly “re-write the events of that day,” "spike the ball," "own the end zone," "give away our secrets to our enemies"  thus costing the lives months later of our heroes, some of whom played an active role in taking out OBL.  


This success belongs to our military, our heroes, U.S. Intel along with those who made the decision to nail OBL long before you came on the scene, the U.S. Navy SEALs who so valiantly went in there and did what they do best.


There is a teachable moment here for you, Barack.   Allow me to break it down so that even a self-aggrandizing elitist buffoon like you gets it,




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