Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Indoctrination/Progressive Spin in our Classrooms -- North Rowan High School Teacher -- "IT'S CRIMINAL TO CRITICIZE OBAMA" (Hear the full exchange.)

Photo: Leo Alberti

Tanya Dixon-Neely, the social studies school teacher in the above video has since been suspended with pay aka paid vacation pending a thorough investigation.  Yeah right.
In the meantime and as reported by USA Today, Hunter Rogers, the student that Dixon-Neely is screaming at in the video has been pulled out of the school by his parents.  Rogers plans to obtain his high school equivalency certificate through Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.
For more on the cult of Obama and the indoctrination process going on in classrooms across America, see Teacher Yells At Student: Criminal Offense to Criticize Obama and Comrade Tanya Dixon-Neely Needs Our Help! (satire).
When it comes to free speech, the grade for this teacher is an F.

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