Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kirsten Powers Hijacks Hannity Show to Assail Jesse L. Peterson 05032012

Powers’, a Progressive, uses Peterson’s speech as a propaganda tool of distortion and an excuse to say that Republicans hate women.  Balderdash!

For starters, I do not believe that Peterson is “distorting God’s words” as Powers claims.

Next, I do remember in the late 60’s when Democrats sent Black community organizers into the community and our homes to tell Black women that they no longer needed their husbands, fathers of their children because the government would take care of them via the welfare state.

I recall how many Black women sent their men packing and/or the fathers walked out leaving their families behind because of these slimy tactics, all of which were done under the guise that it would make these women stronger.

Enter the feminist movement, which made things only worse.   They sold women, especially Black women, a pipe dream.

Watching the Black community become undone at this time was the equivalent of someone pulling a thread from a ball of yarn.

It destroyed the families and the children one day at a time, which is why we have the problems in America that we have today.

It is what it is.

While I do not agree with everything Peterson says, he makes a valid point in his sermon but one must listen to his sermon in full before making up one’s mind.

Exploring Your Destiny w/ Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: How feminists are building a shameless society

Finally, if Peterson were a Democrat and Powers a Republican, she would be accused of racism.

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