Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Progressive Hypocrisy on Display: Anti-Bullying Workshop Founder Connected to White House Openly Bullies Christian Teens

His name, Dan Savage. Savage is the founder of ItGetsBetter, a so-called anti-bullying we must all learn to get along campaign, which preaches what else? Anti bullying except when it comes to Christians and the bible. In furtherance, this bully has no problem attacking Christian students by calling them “pansy-a**ed” because they refused to sit there and take it while Savage shredded Christians and the bible to shreds.

It should come as no surprise that Savage who is also White House connected (and gay) earns a living giving people sex advice, which usually amounts to nothing more than just encouraging students and others to engage in sexual activity.  H/t The Blaze.

Hear this homofascist pig speak below (warning: questionable language).


It should also come as no surprise that Savage has the full support of Barack Obama and administration.

For more information on Savage’s selective bullying, and hypocrisy and disdain for Christians read Karla Dial’s Students Walk Out on Dan Savage over at Citizen Link along with The Blaze’s expose of Dan Savage, the hypocrisy and disdain surrounding the Obama approved anti-bullying campaign and assault on Christianity and Republicans entitled, ‘I WISH [REPUBLICANS] WERE ALL F**KING DEAD’: DAN SAVAGE’S HISTORY OF BIZARRE RHETORIC & TIES TO THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE.

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