Sunday, May 20, 2012

U.S. Special Forces Being Deployed to Protect “Security” of Yemen

Yesterday I did a post regarding the latest Executive Order by our imperial President.  Obama makes it illegal for U.S. citizens to criticize the government of Yemen  Today, I continue the story as found in The New American. No anti-war nonsense this time around in America. The days of any critique of Obama and his latest war will result in the forfeiture of one’s assets. And there you have it. I am no expert on Yemen, but I do know where we are headed with this out of control President.
Yemeni stability is the stated goal; however, if Afghanistan and Iraq are any example, that day will never come, and thus thousands of American servicemen and women will be sacrificed on the already-blood-soaked altar of global security....
First black, bi-racial, multi-racial president whatever the hell people want to call Barack Obama has turned into quite the dictator*.
As Obama slaughters and assists with the slaughtering of people of color all over the planet, those who demand that Bush and Cheney be brought before a tribunal and charged with war crimes ignore Obama’s blood lust.
In particular, the Black community will --
•        place the blame for Obama's murderous rampage by drones and/or boots on the ground (of which there are) on the actions on others in to relieve Obama of the blood on his hands, sins and their own conscience,
•        justify Obama’s tyrannical assault across the globe by saying "Bush and Cheney did it,"
•        like mindless puppets pretend not to notice; and
•        not losing a moment’s sleep, go to the polls in November and injudiciously vote for another four years of these atrocities, again, justifying their vote by saying, “I will not vote for Mitt Romney.”  For the record, this is NOT about Romney; THIS is about the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER and GREAT DIVIDER, BARACK OBAMA.
Maybe I should re-name this post one of the following, “Like Pinky and the Brain, Obama Uses Military Force to Conquer the World” or “Coming soon to the doorstep of Every American” because Obama who desires to be the first global president, correction, dictator* of the New World Order, if given the opportunity, will do just that.  Said insanity and atrocities that come along are on the top of his to do list.
Finally, as I see my Black brothers and sisters on the news protesting alleged acts of misconduct, racial profiling and the deaths of their sons, husbands and family members by American law enforcement, just wait.  Just wait and see how many are profiled and  American law enforcement, U.S. and foreign military (aka NATO) and drones in cities across America should the malignant narcissist get elected for another four years under legislation and executive orders set into motion by their messiah. (I refer you specifically to an earlier post entitled, TYRANNY ALERT: Obama Administration Demanded Power To Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens because Obama has ordained it to be so, all in the name of "global security."
THAT will be one hell of a bitter pill to swallow.
*Those who demand that Bush and Cheney be brought before a tribunal and charged with war crimes while in the same breath vehemently insist that Obama is not a dictator, I say enough with the hypocrisy.
Barack Obama is a thousand times worse in that he uses drones to murder maim so that he himself can sleep at night.  Thus, one cannot demand these actions against Bush and Cheney without demanding them against Obama and Biden.

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