Thursday, May 17, 2012

VETTING OBAMA: Rev. Wright "Barack Obama Has Done Nothing For Black Community" and Obama "...selected was before he was elected..."

I tracked down a video discussion that was uploaded March 2010 on to YouTube which elaborates further on Wright quoting an alleged statement from Louis Farrakhan that the Manchurian candidate "was selected before he was elected..."  Again, no surprise there.

And from the mouth of Farrakhan himself....

Obama, a genius?  I would beg to differ but as far as being "selected not elected" again, NO SURPRISE THERE.  It just depends on who states it at the time.  

I find it interesting that in spite of which side of the coin one finds oneself, most Americans are not pleased with the Manchurian candidate.  Even more interesting is that many also realize that Barack Obama is an illusion, a threat TO ALL and a creation by those spearheading the New World Order.  

While those in the above videos acknowledge that Obama has nothing for Black America, it is only fair to note that Obama has failed all Americans regardless of one’s ethnicity.

Moreover, as Obama forces our nation overall down the road to serfdom, I am perplexed at the naïveté and willingness of the Black community to walk its way back into slavery.  

Why take my discussion to the point of slavery in this post?
As it so happens, less than 24 hours ago, I had the same discussion with the owner of my neighborhood bodega when a rather heated (angry) customer invited himself into the middle of our conversation said to me, “Now white people will know how we felt all these hundreds of years.”
My response to this dumb bunny was, “Excuse me?  Are you kidding me?  He repeated himself, “I said, well now white people will know how we felt all these hundreds of years.”
Turning to Mr. Moonbat, I asked, “What kind of rationale is that?” “So you have no problem becoming a slave again as long as it’s not just black folks this time round?”

End of conversation.  Taken aback, Mr. Moonbat grabbed his pack of cigarettes and change from the storeowner and stormed out of the store.

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