Tuesday, July 24, 2012

John Stewart Hit’s ABC’s bad reporting, but there’s More

"Jon Steward isn’t one of my favorites- I wouldn’t turn the TV on to watch him, but I don’t watch much TV anyway,  This time though, Steward get’s it right, in the process he explains nicely why I have no faith in Network News.. 
A year or so ago I was in the Hospital– I tried watching TV News, I really did.  After the first day I gave up, it didn’t matter what network I watched they were only reporting things that fit their narrative.. And most of the “News’ was stuff that had been discussed days earlier on Twitter and private News websites.. My own Grumpy Daily Headlines have better coverage twice a day.. as long as you can read..."


Stephanopoulos and Ross should both be suspended but, of course, that is far too much to expect of the White House controlled media.

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