Friday, September 21, 2012

Bachmann-Clinton Showdown over Blind Sheikh

"In a dramatic confrontation with a conservative lawmaker on Capitol Hill yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flatly denied that the Obama administration is planning to send the 1993 World Trade Center bomber back to Egypt.
The face-off between Clinton and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) came after The Blaze news website started a firestorm Monday by reporting that a source close to the Obama administration said the Department of State was contemplating returning the 'Blind Sheikh,' convicted terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman, to his homeland 'for humanitarian and health reasons....
...During a bipartisan closed-door briefing for House members on developments in the Middle East, Clinton was questioned pointedly by Bachmann, who asked if the administration intends to repatriate Abdel-Rahman, a highly placed congressional source told this writer.
Frustrated after the Department of State refused for days to confirm or deny reports about a possible transfer of the Blind Sheikh to Egyptian custody, Bachmann wanted to get Clinton on the record on the issue in front of House members. In an environment described by the source as 'tense,' the lawmaker asked Clinton if anyone in any department or agency in the federal government was negotiating, corresponding, or in any way moving forward with plans to expel the terrorist from the United States.
'No,' was Clinton’s terse reply...."
Feel better now America?  No?  Me neither.  Hillary Clinton has no credibility.  In fact, there is only one other person in the country whose credibility is less than that of Hillary Clinton.  Besides Bill.  Barack Obama.
The Muslim Brotherhood has too much control over the White House and that itself is a threat to the security and interest of the United States.
Obama who is not to be trusted will hem and haw until after the election and whether re-elected or not, expect him to release the Blind Sheikh.  This is what happens when jackasses vote a traitor into the White House.

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