Sunday, September 30, 2012

BreathTaking – America! by Lady Raven

Above the Fruited Plain. Image courtesy of A Land Called America.

BreathTaking – America!
"You are just that!  The pride I feel in those fighting tooth and nail to save our republic gives me real hope.  And, more and more often, a day in America just as quickly crumbles into horror at what our ignorance created in 2008 in electing as president – Barack Hussein Obama.  Follow if you will -"


Great post Lady Raven.
The Obama flag is a blasphemy and should stand as yet another warning to our nation as to the danger that we are in and the troubles ahead for the nation if Obama were to get another four years.
Like you, patriot, I love our country, flag and its laws. It is my greatest wish that others would feel as we do but as we bear witness beginning with the jackrabbit boasting about the free Obama phones that is not to be the case.  Little does this fool realize that another four years of Obama will be to her detriment as well.

You are wrong Obama. You are worse than wrong – you sit at the right hand of the devil and condemn thousands, upon thousands, to death.

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