Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jesse Jackson: Founders "maybe shouldn't have said 'endowed by our creator'"

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"In the wake of the “God” debacle at the DNC on Wednesday, September 5, Sean Hannity interviewed Reverend Jesse Jackson from the convention.

The DNC intially removed reference to God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from its platform. Then, on Wednesday, they tried to add it back in on a voice vote from the floor. The voice vote, which requires a 2/3 vote became a debacle, when three times the DNC chair Antonio Villaraigosa called the vote and three times it failed to pass, amidst boos on it being added back...."
Surely Jesse Jackson cannot believe his own lies.  
Jackson's credibility went out the window the day he lied about being on the balcony with Martin Luther King, Jr. at the time of his assassination nearly fifty years ago. 
Jackson like Progressives believes in taking advantage of a good crisis but as far as being a man of God, Jackson sold a long time ago and then again four years ago to Barack Obama. Remember Jackson's open mic moment in 2008?

The man is a pretender,  deceiver, overseer and puppet of the Progressive plantation whose allegiance is to Obama and himself ONLY.

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