Monday, September 10, 2012

Obama's Latest Photo Op/Dog & Pony Show: Bear-Hugging Pizza Owner Visited WH in July

Scott Van Duzer, owner of Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant,
Ft. Pierce, FL gives Obama bear hug 09092012

"Scott Van Duzer is a great guy. He runs the Van Duzer Foundation and spends time and money helping people in his community.
What the media forgot to mention is that Scott Van Duzer reportedly visited the White House in June.
So the visit today to Scott’s business was not so random."
No surprise here.  As will all things Obama, nothing is ever as it appears.  Just like his fellow Progressives, everything must be perfectly scripted down to the last letter.

Scott Van Duzer, Obama cultist, should have done his homework prior to becoming a willing participant in Obama's latest deception.  If he had, he would have noticed that every time Obama pays homage to a business, said business fails shortly thereafter.

Finally, Obama's latest ruse in trying to persuade Americans that he is a friend to small businesses gets an "F".

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