Friday, September 14, 2012

September 11 2012 Attacks, Chaos in the Middle East and Barack Obama's October Surprise.

A few weeks ago, I heard it somewhere that during times of war, the American people always gets behind their president.
Where am I going with this?  Exactly one year ago, rumors began to surface of an October surprise.  That along with the passage of NDAA New Years Eve 2011, countless acts of treason that included executive orders attacking the liberties of the American people told us this October surprise would be played by out by Barack Obama based on the possibility of his becoming a one-term president.
It is now September 2012 and very likely, that in fifty-three days Obama will be voted out of office.
Enter desperation, panic, chaos and the October surprise, a little early but nevertheless, it has arrived.
Below is an excerpt from a post prepared by 1389 Blog - Counterjihad! that addresses Obamafail, the November election and the October surprise aka the chaos in the Middle East.

Gulf of Tonkin 2012? Does anything really change that much?

 "....Well, now it is 2012, and a man who might be a slightly better than average President is running for office against one of the worst men to ever get near the Oval Office, much less sit behind the presidential desk. The man in the White House is a radical Muslim by any objective standard. He is the son of a Muslim father, which, by Muslim standards, makes him a Muslim by birth, whether anybody likes it or not. Moreover, his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was a Muslim. He was educated in a Muslim school. There are papers floating around showing Barack Hussein Obama’s faith to be Islam. He even speaks favorably of the Muslim call to prayer.
Because the ‘recovery’ from the 2008-2012 depression has been no recovery at all, the ruthless man in the White House must find a crisis to take eyes off the fact that he has mismanaged the domestic front so badly. But where can he find one? Oh, yes, it’s the eleventh anniversary of the 9-11 attack. Muslim terrorist like to use anniversaries to repeat their acts of violence. Americans in Muslim lands are particular targets, especially in the wake of Islamic revolutions. The 1979 attack on the US Embassy in Iran was a good example. Hundreds of Americans were taken hostage and many of them were held hostage for over a year. Any President in his right mind would have ordered heightened security for American embassies and consulates for the 9-11 anniversary in all Muslim countries, especially those in which an Islamic revolution has recently taken place...."    

Sound outrageous?  Not really. Obama won past elections because he is ruthless and will do anything to win.
The fact that Obama is not only out of touch with the American people and most of all, those who serve means that Obama is capable of the events as laid out in the above post.
As witnessed this week, Obama is out of touch with what the chaos in the Middle East means to Americans.  He chose campaigning, fundraising and getting his ego massaged  over national security.  Furthermore, those Americans injured and murdered this week are nothing more than collateral damage.
From where I sit and apparently many others, nothing is beneath Obama and in Obama’s world; it is all about Barack Hussein Obama, the malignant narcissist.
Ring a bell?  Clearly, Obama is not exactly having a great week and deservedly so.  Obama built this and his chickens are returning home to roost.
It is not just the American people but also the world calling Obama out and as such, Obama is forced to face his vulnerabilities and ineptitude head on but rather than accept accountability, Obama the malignant narcissist goes campaigning and fundraising surrounding himself with adoring crowds while convincing himself that he is not a failing inept boob.
Stay focused America, round one is not over yet.  In the meantime, the campaigner-in-chief will spend the evening fundraising.

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