Sunday, October 21, 2012

Barack's Latest Fundraising Email - Announces Fire Sale

"The President of the United States is apparently having a fire sale. The Obama / Biden campaign sent out an email on Saturday with a headline that any internet marketer would love, complete with stars and ALL CAPS.  The email subject line is '? Our biggest sale EVER ?' and it promises big big savings of 30% off of everything  (minimum order, $10) PLUS guaranteed delivery by election day at the 'Last Call Sale.'
But don’t order yet! The commander-in-chief will ALSO give you free shipping! That’s right, America; at these prices, you can’t afford to NOT support reckless, failed policies!..."

Clearly Barack Obama and his merry clan of Marxists thugs have no shame. They have spent the past four years pilfering the pockets of every taxpayer, regulating American businesses out of existence, fleecing the federal coffers and STILL they want more.
Well, now that they have just about cleaned out hardworking taxpayers why not their freeloading constituents who find it impossible to say no to an Obama phone.
Inquiring minds are (sort of) wondering if the anointed one takes food stamps.
On the other hand one can always look at this fire sale another way, i.e., Barack and family will have that much less to tote back to Chicago in January 2013.

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