Saturday, October 6, 2012


The following video is in Spanish but a transcription in English is included below.
El siguiente video es en español, pero a continuación se incluye una transcripción en inglés.

"ANNCR: December 2010.  US Border patrol agent Brian Terry is gunned down along the Arizona Mexico border. 
ANNCR: Left at the murder scene: two assault rifles linked to Operation Fast and Furious.
ANNCR: Under Fast and Furious, President Obama’s Justice Department puts thousands of weapons in the hands of dangerous drug cartels.
ANNCR: More Than 1700 guns lost… Many linked to violent crimes and killings, including Agent Terry’s murder.
ANNCR: Obama denies any accountability – instead blaming others.
OBAMA: The Fast and Furious program was a field initiated program begun under the previous administration.
ANNCR: But an official report proves the program began under Obama’s administration.
ANNCR: Why did President Obama make a false claim?  The facts are clear.  In November hold President Obama accountable."   

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