Sunday, October 14, 2012

David Axelrod Interview with Fox News Sunday - 10/14/12

Chris Wallace goes 360 on David Axelrod while discussing Barack Obama's culpability in the September 11 attack on the U. S. Consulate, Libya, which resulted in the assassination of Chris Stevens, U. S. Ambassador and three other Americans.

The only thing that Axelrod could do was revert to Progressive propaganda, talking points and playing the blame game.

Sorry Axelrod, those talking points are falling upon deaf ears.  Enough already.

(2:49) "….at the top line level, the president of the United States is responsible for everything that happens on his watch...."  

Within a millisecond of that remark, Axelrod jumped on the "it's not Obama's fault" bandwagon.  Bill Clinton is correct; if Obama has it his way, the next stop for Hillary will be under the bus.

(3:15) "....the reality is that many of these folks serve in dangerous places in the world and you can't 100% guarantee anything but...."

The interview heats up when the discussion turns to Stephanie Cutter who earlier this week accused Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan of politicizing the Libya attack and White House cover up (7:55).

In the final seconds of the interview, on the discussion of Tuesday night's debate, Commie Axelclod Axelrod states "...We expect Governor Romney will have a great night too.  He's a great salesman. That's what he did as a professional and he is very very good at it...."*

A great interview.  Wallace does his job not giving Axelrod an out and Axelclod Axelrod like everyone else in the administration from Obama down keeps digging the hole deeper.

*David Axelrod is such a freaking elitist never once realizing that such a statement is an assault on sales representatives across America.

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