Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dems Now Use "Angry Black Man" Stereotype as Excuse for Obama - David Webb - Fox & Friends

Progressives have overused the race card. It is now rendered useless and for that, America is thankful. So give it up and YES, Obama is tone deaf.  
He refuses to heed the recommendations of his advisers and others with whom he works. When it comes to the voice of the people, Obama is deaf and blind to the pain and suffering of millions of Americans.
Progressives from Obama down have for decades slandered and laid evil accusations against Caucasians who until very recent failed to respond for fear of having the race card thrown in their faces.
Besides being totally unprepared, Obama who slandered and accused Romney of the vilest acts was permanently and instantaneously taken down thirty notches during the debate when Romney took on Obama’s claims man to man or better yet man to jack rabbit.
Finally, no matter how Progressives spin Obama getting his azz handed to him the other night, Romney beat Obama at his own game.
Such excuses as levied by Progressives are the rantings of mad men now exposed desperately searching for a dark corner in which to hide.

Finally, if Obama really is an angry Black man and I strongly suspect him to be so  after the beat down he received earlier this week, then he has only himself to blame.

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