Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Dilbert' author endorses Romney, Progressives media becomes unhinged.

"Scott Adams, the creator of the popular comic strip 'Dilbert,' endorsed Mitt Romney on his blog Wednesday. The reaction he received from liberal news sites was predictably outraged and, in Adams' hands, hilarious. Adams chronicled the results of his announcement in a series of updates which point out just how absurd the professional left can be when someone goes off the liberal reservation for any reason.
Granted, Adams' reasons for endorsing Romney aren't the usual ones you'll hear from conservatives about growing debt and a slow-speed economic recovery. The issue Adams takes exception to in his post is Obama's tough stance on medical marijuana. Adams links to a story on the Huffington Post which outlines how the owner of a marijuana "dispensary" in California is facing ten years to life in prison. Adams suggests that Obama, who used pot frequently in high school as part of the 'choom gang,' has taken a tough line purely for political expediency...."   
Step away from the Progressive plantation for whatever reason and the Left pounces upon you like a pride of hungry lions in search of someone to devour.
Whatever the rationale of Adams’ may be for backing Mitt Romney is his Constitutional right and should be respected by all but alas, that is the difference between most on the right and the ever intolerant Progressive media who bent over backwards to take Adams' post out of context.

You may also wish to check out Dilbert's blog on the matter.  A hearty h/t to Grumpy Elder for sharing this one.  Links below:
You will not be disappointed.

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