Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hillary Clinton Taking One For The Team Does Not Exonerate Barack Hussein Obama

"...Joe Biden began the effort to throw Hillary under the bus in the debate Thursday night. He said the White House never knew about additional security requests. With a town hall style Presidential debate tomorrow night, Barack Obama needed plausible deniability. Hillary Clinton gave it to him on CNN...."

Bull.  The lies continue.
The buck does not stop with Hillary, it stops with the serial liar n the Oval Office who
  • refused to attend more than half of his daily intelligence briefings;
  • who is too busy campaigning himself to concern himself with national security and the lives of Americans overseas or on our shores; and
  • who drinks his own kool-aid and believes his own hype; and
  • who has never accepted responsibility for anything since he has been in the White House, nor will he ever.
Moreover, am I the only one who finds the timing of Hillary taking her place underneath Obama's bus suspect?

Less than one day before the presidential debate, three weeks before the election, this is no coincidence.  Moreover, it does not pass the smell test.  We must not allow Obama, serial liar and inept to cover this up.
If Obama believes that the September 11 attacks in Egypt and Libya will go away now that Hillary has fallen on his sword, he is sadly mistaken.
The September 11 attacks are a result of Obamafail and the Obama doctrine.  Obama built this, Obama must wear it and pay the price.  His actions and lack thereof are a dereliction of duty. The wrongs must be set right and the transgressions that lead to the deaths of four Americans exposed.
Finally, what kind of deal did Bill Clinton make with Obama that brought about Hillary's sudden change of heart as to where the buck stops?

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