Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Found The 47% - (Obama Has Stupid Supporters and He Is Counting On It)

The individual in the above video really nails it in all that he says about Obama.
The fact that Obama supporters are so ignorant is a true comfort for Obama who counts on the ignorance of his cultists.  
I too have reached the point where I believe that the unwavering support of Obama by cultists is a mental disease for many.
One more thing, as far as the 47% is concerned that Romney referred to, I pass them every day on the streets of New York.  Moreover, they boast of their conquests and taking advantage of government and people on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  They put themselves out there every day to be seen.  Thus, it behooves as to why anyone would be offended at Romney’s mention of the 47%.
Finally, in spite of how I feel, Mitt Romney, the man that he is did something that Barack Obama would never do.  He apologized for his remarks about the 47%.

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