Friday, October 5, 2012

October 3rd Debate: Obama "Uh"

Remember this comment to moderator, Jim Lehrer, by Barack Obama less than ten minutes into the debate last night?
"You may want to move on to another topic but I would just say that...."
What?  Who does Obama think he is?  It was at that moment that anyone watching the debates knew that Obama was between a ba-rock and a hard place.
With the media having carried Obama's water for so long, the anointed one automatically assumed that Lehrer would tote several gallons Tuesday night which was a great night for America and as bad as it gets for Barack Obama.

Several layers of the wolf's clothing fell off as America watched thus revealing the real Obama.  Obama was exposed as an empty shell incapable of forming a single sentence without the use of a teleprompter.
In furtherance, all remnants of Obama’s credibility post the assassination of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans was shot to hell the other night.
Americans realized this night that the only thing that Obama is good at is lying, smearing, defaming, ridiculing voices of opposition in addition to consecrating the memory of our founders, Constitution, Bill of Rights and defrauding the nation.
To Romney's credit, Romney brought it home as he methodically debunked the propaganda, the feigned magic of Obama and more importantly, Romney delivered his plan to the American people.
Below are just a few comments from YouTube under the above comments.
BIGGEST mistake in public speaking=UH!   bcdfezz   
Oh man he talks like a regular person, sue him    hiablejoe
We need a 10 hours version of this.   chrisofawesome 
I, uh, uh, love, uh, this, uh, video.  msnelsen 
AFTER GETTING HIS ASS KICKED DURING LAST NIGHTS DEBATE do you think the Obama Henchmen & Co. had anything to do with the seventy-cent rise over night in gasoline prices ????     MrGhs1965 
Is this what they call Ebonics?     roost24 
This was taken out of context. All those uhs were preceded and then followed by uhs and uhms that this video doesn't show.     theknightlynews 

The shame of it all is that last night, Obama proved to the country (and the world) that he has no achievements to run on. H/t Twitchy.

Image courtesy of Politifake.

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