Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Show - Former Obama campaigner Timmy chats with Rush. Terrific caller!

Nice to hear from another former Progressive or Democrat, depending upon how this person (Timmy) saw his political affiliation.
The increasing numbers of disenfranchised Democrats is the primary reason that Progressives want to silence voices across America.  They want Americans to believe that everyone in the country would give their eyeteeth to be a Progressive, NOT TRUE. 
This fellow is correct about the raw deal that Progressives are giving Rush Limbaugh.  For years, I too, refused to listen to Limbaugh because as Progressives put, Limbaugh is a racist.  Most people who are Progressives are gullible by nature.  Just saying.  
The first time that I tuned in to Limbaugh, I turned the volume down so that my neighbors would not hear and even then, I somehow convinced myself not to like what I heard. 
However, as I became more and more dissatisfied with the Democratic Party, I tuned in to Limbaugh more often.  I even stopped turning the volume down because I no longer gave a damn.  
Crazy I know but part of the awakening.  Besides, I do not believe Limbaugh to be a racist and I truly enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh.
God bless this caller for his honesty and for daring to step off the Progressive plantation.
Timmy, if you are out there, you are not alone.

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