Monday, October 22, 2012

Sentinel and Enterprise Endorse Mitt Romney for President

"...Romney may not be Ronald Reagan now. Yet given the chance to lead this nation back to greatness, Romney might prove even better than Reagan.
Romney knows how to run a business and a government. If elected, he would enter the White House with a level of private- and public-sector expertise unseen in modern times….
…Democrats have demonized Romney for the wealth he's amassed working in the same capitalistic system they do and for making difficult CEO decisions expected of strong, prudent leaders. Yet who among the Democrats wouldn't take Romney on their team if his political affiliation were different?
…When the U.S. economy was bleeding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month, Obama strong-armed a Democratic-controlled Congress into approving the $1 trillion, 2,700-page Affordable Care Act that, for the first time in U.S. history, forces Americans to purchase a government product or else pay a penalty tax. The one-size-fits-all legislation contains 18 new taxes -- 12 of which target the middle-class to whom Obama was sworn to save by lowering their health care costs
… On Sept. 27, the Bureau of Economic Analysis revised second quarter Gross Domestic Product growth downward, from 1.7 percent to 1.3 percent. America now trails Cuba in GDP growth….
In 2008, an unproven Obama promised things would turn out differently with him in charge. ‘Change we can believe in’ is how he put it. Four years later we realize it was all made up…."   

Clearly, a sound and glowing endorsement for Mitt Romney and a healthy kick in the gut for Obama from The Sentinel and Enterprise who endorsed Obama in 2008.  H/t DaTechGuy.
That which the United States and its people are desperate in need of is not on Obama’s radar.
Moreover, Obama refuses to take responsibility for the ills of our nation that came about during his tenure because he does not see his failings, ineptitude and dereliction of duty as a negative.
Thus, all that Obama will deliver is more of the same misery, pain and suffering that have been doled out these past four years.
We, the people, deserve better.

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