Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Obama Cover Up: 5 Days Before Election, Iran Fires on Unarmed U.S. Drone

"Iranian fighter planes shot at an unarmed American drone last week, Pentagon officials said Thursday, in an unprecedented air attack that raises military tensions in the Persian Gulf.
The Obama administration didn't publicly disclose the attack at the time, which was five days before the U.S. presidential vote.
The incident, which the Pentagon publicly confirmed after it emerged in news reports, details for the first time a classified U.S. surveillance program. The drone was attacked Nov. 1 over international waters off the Iranian coastline, defense officials said, marking the first time Iranian warplanes have fired on a U.S. aircraft. The Iranian fighters missed the U.S. craft, officials said.
The incident, which became public on the heels of President Barack Obama's re-election, pointed to unpredictable Iranian volatility as a challenge that is certain to dominate foreign policy during his second term...."    
According to Obama administration, the decision keep Americans in the dark was not political.  Sure, yeah right.
Apparently, the Obama administration believes that Americans are too stupid to do the math.  (Oh my bad, fifty percent of Americans are too stupid to do the math.  They re-elected Obama for another four years.)
Two days after the 2012 presidential elections and government officials are claiming that they did not make this assault by Iran public knowledge because the "American drone was conducting classified surveillance."
BS.  Had this assault become public knowledge a week ago, the results of Tuesday's election might have been quite different.
First, Iran then Russia. Who is next? China? Venezuela? Who?

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