Friday, November 9, 2012

College students chant for ‘Karl Marx’ and ‘socialism’ in front of White House at Obama victory rally

"A group of college students chanted 'Karl Marx' and 'socialism' while celebrating President Obama’s electoral victory in front of the White House late Tuesday night, a video shot by Campus Reform reveals.
The raucous group of students chanted 'Karl Marx, Karl Marx, Karl Marx,' and cited abortion, socialism, and “Obama phones” as reasons for their support of President Obama’s second term.
Those students were among thousands from colleges across Washington, D.C. who spontaneously gathered in front of fences around the north lawn of the White House to celebrate President Obama’s election victory.
Students present at the rally told Campus Reform that they were supporting the President for a variety of reasons.
'Obama phones,' said an unidentified student. 'Everyone is getting a f**king Obama phone...."   

Some of the comments under the video on Youtube consisted of jackrabbits claiming this as one big joke.  Bull!  Joke or no joke, they are all a bunch of useful idiots and a major league embarrassment.
There you have it America, the future of our country.  Obama cultists who will have no problem spending a lifetime living in their parent’s basement, unemployed and on the government dole.
Wonder what they will be chanting when they realize that there are no jobs for them.

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