Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ELECTION 2012 -- Hold The Presses -- Ohio Isn’t Over Until It’s Over

"I’ve been keeping tabs on the Ohio count, and what I’ve noticed is that with roughly 20% of the vote still out, it’s still basically a dead heat.  Karl Rove(of all people) has made a good argument that the calling of Ohio by the FoxNews decision room was a bit premature.  This is a tremendously dangerous thing...."    
While I have posted a few, well maybe more than a few nasty notes on both of my FB account pages, I must admit that I am not ready to concede.  Call me a sore loser, whatever, IDGAF.
We owe it to our country to wait it out.  I, too, do not like the idea that this election was called before all of the votes are in.  We all know that something stinks here, so let us hold on.
With all the fraud and dirty tricks of which Progressives are guilty, let us not allow Progressives to nudge manipulate a nation into a concession.

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