Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Ignorance of Obama Supporters on Display

The first video is of Obama supporters who actually despise Obama's policies.

The following video exposes rude, vile, foul-mouthed Obama supporters (Warning:  raw language).

The next group of Obama supporters is sheeple at their finest.  Amazing how Progressives immediately become silent once, it occurs to them that their ignorance is on display.

This next video is not very pleasing at all.  It contains various takes Obama voters and their love for free money, correction your and my money.  Oh heck, everyone else’s money.


I located the video of the revolting exchange with the lazy arsehole at the end of the above video, if you can stand it.  My mother used to say people like Duane Brooks, Jr. give Black people a bad name.  I say amen to that.


Had enough?  Now, depending on where you live there is still time to vote.  PLEASE go VOTE if you have not yet done so, so that Romney can put Duane and his clan of freeloading idiots to work.

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