Tuesday, November 6, 2012

International Observers Surprised by Lax U.S. Polling Place Security

"International observers from more than 60 countries who came to America to study America's presidential election were surprised that there was less security at America's polls than at voting locations in their home countries.
While the trust that undergirds America's elections is a sign of a mature and stable democracy, it can also, on the other hand, easily be taken advantage of, which is reflected by the countless reports of voter fraud across the country.
As Foreign Policy magazine noted:
‘The most often noted difference between American elections among the visitors was that in most U.S. states, voters need no identification. Voters can also vote by mail, sometimes online, and there's often no way to know if one person has voted several times under different names, unlike in some Arab countries, where voters ink their fingers when casting their ballots.
Observers -- who were a part of a program run by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) -- "noted that there were no observers at the polling places to ensure that proper voting procedures were being followed....’"    

What no marbles?  No inking of the thumb?
These so-called observers should have never been allowed entry into our poll sites in the first place.
Considering that they are unfamiliar with U.S. Polling Place Security, the rationale behind their monitor our polls on Election Day does not hold water.
So much for our trust based system with all the damned fraud taking place and as for the voter id, how ironic, I am sure that on that one, Obama would suggest that these monitors mind their business.
I wonder whom Mickey Mouse voted for this year.

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