Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rant first, talk later. Obama gets second term courtesy of dumb ass Progressives.

Obama wins electoral vote.  Romney looses popular vote by 3 million.  Something stinks.  Voter fraud rampant throughout.
Nice job Obama supporters, what the hell were you thinking? You are now part of the reason that this country is  heading over a fiscal cliff.
Tax increases for every American here we come.
Police state here we come.
Government run healthcare.
A death sentence for the unborn, disabled, terminally ill and seniors and an additional $5 trillion plus to be added to our deficit.
Too late to take your vote back once you realize that you have been had.
Obama looked you in the eye, lied to you and now he'll screw you coming and going.  (Pardon the expression but I could have used the other word.  That is exactly how pissed I am.)
Do not blame George Bush for what's coming next or four years from now when you no longer recognize this great nation.
Image courtesy of Ha Tea and Danger
Image courtesy of Ha Tea and Danger
Oh yes and let me not forget to thank you for not only screwing yourselves but royally f****ing the rest of us.
Oh and one more thing, that utopia that Obama is promising you does not exist.
As I mentioned earlier to a fellow patriot, after the bad news Tuesday night, I turned off my television and my laptop for 24 hours.  I really needed to wind down because I was FUMING and feeling just plain hateful so rather than bust a gasket, I tuned out to get my bearings.
Patriots and friends, you have all been an inspiration and a trooper.  I suspect that we were all looking forward to finally catching our breaths in the war waged by Marxist elitists against our country and its citizenry.
Unfortunately, because of ignorance, the welfare state, freeloaders, voter fraud, etc., we were denied said victory but the call to duty does not end as the fight continues.
Onward we march to continue our quest; it is love of God, country, life and family that drives us.
"If you're afraid of the future, then get out of the way, stand aside. The people of this country are ready to move again." ~Ronald Reagan
Note:  This is my rant.  If you are a liberal troll who happens upon my rant, do not even think about trying to rub salt into my wounds.  You voted for Obama and by doing so, you imparted your right to free speech.  Your comments will be deleted.

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