Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SUPERSTORM SANDY: Cuomo Rips into Con Ed for Neglecting Other Counties

Con Edison Power Outage Map as of 11062012 352 AM Screenshot

Con Edison is patting itself on the back for getting Manhattan back up and running in record time.  In the meantime, the rest of the counties in New York City have been sorely neglected by the government-appointed monopoly.
The history of Con Ed has always been to take care of Manhattan while neglecting all other locations throughout the City of New York. Since its creation, politicians have always gone along with Con Ed, patting the monopoly on the back, ignoring Con Ed's neglect of counties outside of Manhattan.
The relationship between Con Ed and government officials has always had little to do with the interest of everyday New Yorkers.
After major power outages during the seasons combined with Con Ed’s historical failure to maintain the system, there is always the demand for a rate increase, which is usually  approved (even if on the down low) by state officials against the will of the people.
As for the unions affiliated with Con Ed, they usually get what they want as well.
While I have very little love for Andrew Cuomo, he grew up in the outer boroughs and is fully aware of Con Ed’s neglect to properly maintain and serve areas outside of Manhattan.  They will take our money in a minute but when it is time to serve, they drag their arses making New Yorkers wait for weeks and sometimes longer.
Several weeks ago, something blew up underground across the street from where I live.  Smoke and flames bellowed from the sewer, which immediately brought FDNY.  FDNY called Con Ed who failed to show for two hours. 
After FDNY left the scene, the Con Ed workers having just arrived 45 minutes earlier went to lunch. 
Adding insult to injury, since it was such a nice summer day, the Con Ed employees (union) during their lunch, cigarette and coffee breaks loitered on the front steps of private homes blocking entry.
Yeah, you gotta love union members.  When they're good, they're good but then they act like we owe them something.  IT'S THEIR JOB!!!!!!
Shockingly enough, Cuomo is also the first politician to chastise Con Ed in such a public manner on their failures.  Sure Bloomberg went after Con Ed from time to time but only half-heartedly.
I can only hope that this is for the sake of New Yorkers and not political or some kind of dog and pony show.  New Yorkers have had enough of those and you can bet that when it is all said and done, Con Ed is coming for a rate increase and their unions………well, we don’t even want to go there.
 Again, I hope that this is not a pre-election day or pre-2016 political move on Cuomo's behalf.

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