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Why Romney Is Going to Romp over Obama in November

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"For those of you fretting over the latest 'FoxNews/ABC-CBS-NBC/Wall Street Journal/USAToday/Perth Amboy Times/And Whatnot' poll showing Obama 300 points ahead of Romney in the race for the presidency, do yourself a big favor -- ignore it, and everything like it.
I have for months now, and it's been great for my blood pressure.  When a TV news report on the latest polls comes on television, I instantly change the channel.  When I hear the word 'poll' on my radio, I quickly switch stations.  When I happen upon a newspaper article or column about polls, I promptly flip to the funny pages.
As a former journalist, I've learned that most polls commissioned by news outlets are done not to reflect reality, but to distort it....
...Book it: Romney's going to win this election in a romp come November.  I'm certain of this because there is a key factor that's being overlooked this time around -- blacks have lost their passion for Obama...."   
Black America is yet another disenchanted voting block and the thrill is definitely gone. Besides many only came out to vote four years ago to be a part of history.  In their eyes today, Barack Obama is no different from the rest of the politicians and while many may boast correction say (they are not boasting) that they still support Obama, much fewer will actually make the effort to vote November 6 than did in 2008.

Some of you may read this and say, “I don’t know.  That crazy lady screeching like a banshee about the Obama phone was really jazzed up about Obama."

Yes, she was.  As we say in the hood, she was jazzed up all right.  One might get the feeling that she was chemically jazzed up.  Just kidding. 
The truth is that the banshee loon woman in the video was astroturf and astroturf is paid to dance.  Regardless of the fact that the Obama campaign was trying to distance itself from this woman, that banshee loon woman was dancing for her dinner. 
Take heed America and keep the faith.  Pay no attention to the polls even the ones being pushed by Fox News.  Let no one deter you from coming out to vote this November. 
America must rid itself of the vermin in the White House.

What Women Should Know About Our Old Boss, Mitt Romney.

Women for Mitt. Image Credit: Zumapress.

"Frankly, we were completely, totally, absolutely fed up.  That’s what we told a reporter from the Milwaukee Sentinel today who asked us why a group of female executives are traveling the country telling women about our former boss Mitt Romney.  We were frustrated that so many women were getting a picture of Mitt from the media and negative ads that just doesn't match up with the man we all know and worked with in Salt Lake and Massachusetts.  We’re smart women; we know it’s a big country; and we know we’re only a few voices. But we also know we have insights and stories that women voters want to hear before they make up their minds – so we decided to hit the road and tell as many women as we can what Mitt Romney is really like from the perspective of the women who worked with him.
Amazingly, most women don’t know that Mitt had women at his side helping him turn around the Olympics in Salt Lake and fix the economy in Massachusetts.  It doesn’t surprise me because I know how Mitt puts together his team.  He hires the strongest talent he can find, so naturally he ends up with a lot of women.  Mitt says he hires people who will “go through walls” to get the job done; the women who have worked with him over the years definitely fit that description.   I worked with him for nine years and can tell you that my colleagues in Salt Lake and Massachusetts are as talented and incredible as any group of women in America....  "

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaig...
Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaign rallies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
H/t Scoop It.  I really do not get it.  When will women on the left finally realize that Progressives are not favorable to women.  Their interests are not our interests and while Progressives will fight for a woman's so-called right to murder an unborn child, all other choices and rights are off the table down to what we feed and how we raise our families.

Whose Side is Barack Obama On?

BreathTaking – America! by Lady Raven

Above the Fruited Plain. Image courtesy of A Land Called America.

BreathTaking – America!
"You are just that!  The pride I feel in those fighting tooth and nail to save our republic gives me real hope.  And, more and more often, a day in America just as quickly crumbles into horror at what our ignorance created in 2008 in electing as president – Barack Hussein Obama.  Follow if you will -"


Great post Lady Raven.
The Obama flag is a blasphemy and should stand as yet another warning to our nation as to the danger that we are in and the troubles ahead for the nation if Obama were to get another four years.
Like you, patriot, I love our country, flag and its laws. It is my greatest wish that others would feel as we do but as we bear witness beginning with the jackrabbit boasting about the free Obama phones that is not to be the case.  Little does this fool realize that another four years of Obama will be to her detriment as well.

You are wrong Obama. You are worse than wrong – you sit at the right hand of the devil and condemn thousands, upon thousands, to death.

ELECTION 2012: Congressman 'Allen West' Warns, "Obama Emboldens Our Enemies"

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Congressman Allen West tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview that the attacks on American embassies constitute an "act of War" and the Obama administration misled the public about the deadly attack in Libya.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama Disciple: Vote for Barack the Food Stamp King Obama Because He Also Gives Out Free Cell Phones, Oh Boy!

“…He gave us a phone.  He gonna do more…You can sign up if you on food stamps, you on social security, you got low income, you disability…”
There is a name for that in the hood.  It is called GHETTO FABULOUS.

Screeching like a banshee, the woman in the above video was definitely jazzed up over a lousy Obama phone that your and my taxpayer dollars are paying for, courtesy of a monthly fee charged to the cell phone bill (image below).

The banshee in the video is definitely representative of the average Obama supporter and the 47% as referred to by Mitt Romney. 
Now that was just shameful and clearly shameful enough that the Obama administration is running for cover and clearance by pointing out that the Obama phone was in existence before Obama invaded the White House and throwing the banshee under the bus.  

Just like food stamps and every other entitlement, the amount of people receiving free cell phones during Obama’s tenure has skyrocketed.
For example, in 2008, 107,715 people in the state of Illinois received free cell phones and three to four years later the amount of people in the state of Illinois who have received free cell phones skyrocketed to 569,635.  That is a massive 429% increase. See video below.

As mentioned in the above video, in their investigation of fraud, the FCC found 400,000 people who were in possession of more than one Obama phone.  They are supposedly in the process of weeding out such swindlers.  

In addition, the phone is supposed to be for those who are poverty stricken, unemployed, etc.  Take note of woman in the picture below in the purple SEIU t-shirt.  She already has a cellphone so why does she need two?  That is just greed.  She is gaming the system.

Apparently, the FCC is not working hard enough to get rid of the fraud or they are being very selective.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ELECTION 2012: Coming from 13 Pts. Behind, Mia Love Takes the Lead in Utah District 4 Race!

"Here’s some great news…
The latest Utah poll shows conservative Mia Love has taken the lead in Utah’s 4th District.
That means the race has seen a 28 point swing to Love since July....
...If Mia Love wins, she will be the first African American woman to represent the Republican party in Congress."

The following video is an interview of Mia Love PJ Media dating back to March of this year.

Clearly, Mia Love has hit a nerve with Progressives.  Both Love and her husband are the victims of a nasty, vicious racist attack waged by Progressives.  See Gateway Pundit"RACIST PICTURES Sent to Republican Mia Love’s Office – Police Investigating".

Harry Reid, like a pit-bull without teeth, says Romney “is not the face of Mormonism”

Well now that Progressive Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid has officially lost all credibility and made a fool of himself over fictitious imputations accusing Mitt Romney of not having paid his taxes for ten years, Reid embarking on a hateful and desperate quest for vindication is now accusing Romney of sullying his faith.   

“Mitt Romney ‘is not the face of Mormonism,’ Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says, adding the former Massachusetts governor has ‘sullied’ his faith. 
‘He’s coming to a state where there are a lot of members of the LDS Church,’ Reid said in advance of Romney’s visit later this week to Nevada, according to the Salt Lake Tribune on Monday, based on a Friday conference call Reid did with reporters. ‘They understand that he is not the face of Mormonism.”   
The real shame here belongs to Progressives, Obama, Reid, the whole crew.  Such accusations against a presidential candidate are an insult of all.
Gingrich is dead on.  Reid is a disgrace but in all fairness, that is becoming business as usual for the left.
Either Reid is off his meds again or the sweet scent of victory emanating from the Romney camp is choking him.

Message to Harry Reid:  Get lost you dunce.  YOU are irrelevant.
Message to Mitt Romney:  Stay the path.  Do not do Progressives the honor of getting distracted AGAIN.  You will have four years (at least) to deal with Harry after the inauguration.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A time of atonement and repentance..
A time of prayer and fasting..
Hoping that Yom Kippur opens the door for everything
that is good and pleasant
for you and your family…

This is Bob - Bob is a Racist

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Funny Commercial - Welcome to REALITY Bob! LOL 

Conceived and written by Dan Joseph
Produced by Bob Parks

Bob ― Dan Joseph
Suzie ― Robyn Stiles
Racist Office Guy ― Eric Scheiner
Cory Parks ― Himself

Camera ― Katie Yoder
Editor ― Bob Parks
Location ― Special thanks to Law Resources

Obama Supporter Interviews Herself


ELECTION 2012: Paul Ryan Campaign Rally in Miami, FL - 09222012

Mitt Romney's Full Speech To The Clinton Global Initiative 09252012

AMAZING UNDERWATER VIDEO - Dolphin Gives Birth to Calf at Dolphin Quest Hawaii.

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"Incredible Dolphin Birth at Dolphin Quest Hawaii. 
Great underwater video! 
Keo and female calf- born Monday, Sept. 17, 2012 at 5:10 pm. 
Video by Mike Peterson, Dolphin Quest Hawaii"

Students of America Starving, Rebel against the Nanny State/Tyranny of #MichelleOsSchoolLunchMenu Program.

NOTE: for the sake of not driving people nuts with such a long post, I have taken the liberty of breaking this post up into three parts. Parts two and three can be viewed on my sister site, PUMABydesign001's Blog.  There is a link connecting you thereto at the bottom of this post.  Please bear with me and thanks for your understanding.    

“…From my perspective, the number one greatest national security threat that we have is obesity,; Oz asked the first lady in an interview broadcast Wednesday. ‘Do you ever think about it that way?’
Well absolutely,’ Obama replied. ‘Shocking information, I do a lot of work with military families, and spend a lot of time on military bases and the the number one thing that prevents young people from the ages of 17 to 24 qualifying for the military is obesity….”
Michelle “All this for a flag” Obama’s disdain for our country and our military negates her right to address the service of young people in our military.
It is because of their ideology and disdain for all things American, that the “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” Obamas would never sanction their daughters serving in the U. S. military, of that we can be sure.
Moving on, let us not get it twisted, the Obama’s collectivist agenda in lieu of freedom, individualism, personal responsibility along with historical revisionism as practiced by Progressives and America’s children growing up illiterate, indoctrinated and government servants remain a far more superior threat to our nation and its future than obesity.  Also keeping in mind, Barack’s ineptitude, acts of treason and repetitive failure to attend daily intelligence briefings.
#MichelleOsSchoolLunchMenu is a Commie Failure
Camarada Michelle’s schema to compel #MichelleOsSchoolLunchMenu down the throats of students across America under the guise of it being for their own good is backfiring badly.  The menu and the hypocrisy are not lost on students or their parents, all of whom are refusing to be a pawn in MO’s moneymaking scheme, all of whom are making their voices heard.  H/t Twitchy.

Students, parents, Americans in general are sounding off via social media networks such as , Facebook, YouTube (video above) and Twitter.
Regardless of the propaganda espoused by spin masters, we the people will not allow an overbearing government to dictate to our children or us.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Johnny Cash Ragged Old Flag


Howard Stern Exposes Moronic Obama Supporters 2012

How sad is it that four years of the Obamanation has done nothing to open the eyes of moonbats?  While I respect everyone's right to vote for their candidate of choice, there are just as many who should not be allowed within a mile of a voting booth.
See Stern's 2008 video exposing clueless Obama supporters (below).

Full audio of 1998 ‘redistribution’ speech: Obama saw welfare recipients as ‘majority coalition’

The following article is proof positive of Obama's agenda to keep Americans poor, unemployed and dependent upon government.  Doing so will assist Obama in his agenda of fundamentally transforming America.
Not only are Obama's acts heinous, history will remember this moment as the worst case of treason acts committed by any sitting president in the history of the United States.

"The Daily Caller has obtained a complete audio recording of the October 19, 1998 Loyola College forum on community organizing and policy making during which a future President Barack Obama said he favored the government redistribution of wealth. The audio demonstrates the context of that remark and reveals other far-left positions that Obama held as a state senator.
Those positions encompass issues as wide-ranging as gun control, universal health care and welfare reform. Obama also said he viewed welfare recipients and 'the working poor' as 'a majority coalition' that could be mobilized to help advance progressive policies and elect their champions....
...Loyola College refused repeated requests from TheDC for a copy of the full one-hour and 42-minute videotape from 1998. But a source in Chicago who gained permission to view it recorded the sound secretly, confirming the accuracy of — and expanding on — initial accounts that featured only a brief audio excerpt.
'I actually believe in [wealth] redistribution,' Obama said in that 96-second excerpt, published September 18 on YouTube. 'At least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.'
The following day, NBC News said it had obtained what it called 'the entirety of the relevant remarks,' and complained that Republicans had taken the original lines out of context...."

Obama views “the working poor” as “a majority coalition?” So what is more offensive?  Romney’s 47% remark in its entirety or Obama referring to “the working poor” as “a majority coalition?”  You be the judge.
One more thing, does Obama mean to say that this so-called “coalition” will have to astroturf for their checks and food stamps?
In his own words, Obama confirms, what we have suspected all along, i.e., his agenda to drag Americans down the road to serfdom.
Of course, MSNBC will never play this video in its entirety or post it on their site for their viewers to digest.  I think we can expect a media blackout on this video.  Well, patriots, it is up to us to make this go viral. LET’S DO THIS.

Obama: USA Aligning Itself w/Radical Islamic Nations, “Absolutely the right thing for us to do”; 9112012 Attacks are Just "Bumps in the Road"

Facebook: snitchgate!

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A story about Facebook went around twitter last night that provoked quite a reaction in privacy advocates like me: Facebook, it seems, is experimenting with getting people to ‘snitch’ on any of their friends who don’t use their real names. Take a look at this:Facebook has had a ‘real names’ policy for a while: this is what their ‘Help Center’ says on the subject:
Just emailed this post to family and friends on FB, INTENTIONALLY via FB. Suspecting that doing so is a huge no, no, I expect FB to retaliate by closing or blocking my account. Oh well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Ann Coulter and Panel on ABC "This Week" 09232012

Progressives are such arseholes. Having grown up in the hood, I can write a book on the 47%.
Not one of the spin masters on this panel can relate to the average American. Thus, they have no right to speak for us.
As for Coulter's statements about Progressives (Obama) putting Black America in the back of the bus, it is what it is and the truth is bound to  hurt.
Romney should take the damned ball, run with it and whatever he does, do not let Progressives bait him and set him up at the debates.
Obama is a lousy debater and we can expect his spin masters to carry the water during the debates for him.

Congratulations to Showtime's Homeland series on their Emmy wins "Best Drama"

Emmy Winners, Claire Danes and Damien Lewis, stars of Showtime "Homeland"Series

Homeland series, filmed in Charlotte, wins big at Emmys

"Showtime drama series Homeland, which is filmed in the Charlotte area, was a big winner in the 2012 Emmy Awards on Sunday night, being named the year’s outstanding drama series...."
Homeland leaves one proud to be an American and proud of our heroes, i.e., the men and women who serve.
The second season of Homeland starts later this week.  I am hoping they program remains on track during this season and does not end up tainted by a Progressive agenda.
If you have never had the opportunity to tune into Showtime's "Homeland" series, you have no idea what you are missing.  It is undoubtedly the best program on television. 
Feel free to check it out below and if it is unable to be viewed, you can view Homeland's first season here..

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