Monday, January 28, 2013

Making it Personal: The Second Amendment and Liberal Hypocrisy on Display

Iron Law of liberal_hypocrisy_do_as_i_say_not_as_i_do_speckcase

While at a family gathering Saturday evening, one of the guests decided to throw a few jabs (verbally) my way.  We went back and forth, off and on for several minutes during which I must have struck a nerve because suddenly this guest looked over at me, points and shouted "You Republican."

To my surprise, 99% of guests present paid this individual no attention and went about their business of having a good evening.  However, since this individual thought he was putting on some kind of display, I responded, "Damn right and proud of it.  When I finally make my exit from Democratic-ass New York, it will be to a non-Democratic state whereupon my first order of the day will be to purchase an AR-15 -- with a magazine clip of 30 -- JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT!"

Stopping the show for a second, with all eyes upon me, that statement brought about cheers, applauds and huge smiles from all except one, i.e., my son’s fiancé, a Democrat who said just loud enough for me to hear, "Trayvon Martin."

Turning my attention to this young lady, I asked “what does Trayvon Martin have to do with this discussion?”  Not looking me in the eye and shaking her head as if to admonish me, she repeated three times "Trayvon Martin."

Ready for this conversation, I instructed her to put down the vodka, lay off the kool-aid and to not believe the propaganda that she and her mother tunes into daily at MSNBC.     

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