Monday, January 28, 2013

On NLRB Decision Nullification: No One For Union Bosses & Democrats To Blame Except Themselves

Obama imperial presidency
Following Friday’s Appeals Court ruling striking down Barack Obama unconstitutional “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, the New York Times points out that more than 300 NLRB decisions might get tossed into the trash.
The National Labor Relations Board has been thrown into a strange legal limbo — with the possibility that more than 300 of its decisions over the last year could be nullified — as a result of a federal appeals court ruling on Friday that President Obama’s recess appointments to the board were invalid. [Emphasis added.]
The funny thing is, if the NLRB’s decisions over the last year do, in fact, get tossed, Barack Obama, Democrats, and union bosses have no one to blame but themselves....

Obama, unions, the NLRB to name a few have made no respect of their disdain and lack of respect for the U. S. Constitution and our laws as they have ordained themselves above the law and the exception to the rule.  
The Supreme Court must take a hard stand supporting this ruling as handed down by the Federal Appeals Court.

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