Thursday, February 14, 2013

About Dr. Benjamin Carson Daring to Break the “Unwritten Rule That Black Men Can’t Criticize Obama.”

Hmmm, Obama looks really pissed.
In the event that you have not seen the remarkable speech by Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, pediatric neurosurgeon, John Hopkins at the National Prayer Breakfast held at the White House last week that has set Progressives on fire:

"… Uh-oh.  Uh-oh.  Not what Obama wants to hear.  Now patients, now people can have control over their own health care.  He wants that control. He wants the government to have that control. He wants the death panels to have that control.  Now, these sound bites were just part of a long speech Mr. Carson.  It really resonated. It was terrific. It was so rational and so simple, and it was so needed.  It's such a great contrast to what we're getting from the Republican Party, who are wringing their hands, being all introspective and changing their branding and changing their marketing.
And all that's required is somebody to articulate the ideas, particularly since Obama's afraid to use his own ideas.  Ideas can triumph.  Dr. Carson here proved it.  So to show you what a threat this man is and was at the prayer breakfast on State of the Union on Sunday, Candy Crowley's show, she interviewed Jan Schakowsky, congresswoman from Illinois, talking about Dr. Carson, and they had this exchange.…."    

A notable speech indeed as Progressives declare war on an American hero virtuous enough to expose an agenda and its orchestrator, one whom Communists and their finger-puppets have ordained unassailable as the Conservatives call to task the selective intolerance and disdain for the First Amendment by these hypocrites.

Kudos to Congressman and Lt. Col. Allen West for calling out to the disdain of many on the left an oppressive environment that have long existed within the Black community.
Reference the unwritten rule of law, “what happens in the Black community stays in the Black community” and even if one despises what another stands for, one must under no circumstance express such thoughts in the presence non-Blacks, such oppressive social mores must be shattered.  These walls must come down.
To Progressives carrying the endless buckets of Barack Obama's water
Never confuse opinion with FACT

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