Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black Conservatives on SOTU

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"...Black conservatives with the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network found President Obama’s speech appalling in its sheer scope of big government overreach and in its profound disrespect for America’s founding principles.
Project 21 members were hoping for more, but they were left disappointed.
'Simple fact checks revealed Obama’s State of the Union Address was more talk grounded in very little fact....
…The President also claims he is ready to work with Congress on a serious budget and that Americans expect them to forge compromises.  The fact is that Senate liberals haven’t passed a budget in nearly four years. The President’s own budget is also late again.  There is no plan among the President and his allies to replace the Obama sequester.'...
‘President Obama tonight delivered an agenda that is largely no different from the failed ones of his first term.  It’s hypocritical to say that Americans don’t want a bigger government, and then spend an hour outlining an agenda that will continue to grow government.’...
'Proposing lots of new spending through lofty promises and soundbites borrowed from the proposals of his presidential challengers, President Obama attempted to create an atmosphere of bipartisanship and making it appear he was tacking to the middle.
Obama spoke about fixing tons of problems facing America, but I would argue this was one of the most unserious State of the Union Addresses in the modern era of politics…."    
Four more years of Barack Obama makes me seriously ill.  We barely recognize our country today.  In four more years, all semblance of what the United States should be will  be a pipedream.
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