Saturday, February 9, 2013

~Death by Flu Shot. 7 Year-Old Receives Flu Vaccine; Dies 4 Days Later~

Commentary by RDW ~ Once again....parents need to be made aware that Doctors bury their mistakes! If you think that your Doctor is actually there to look out for you and to actually want you in good better pull the blindfold off your eyes! Doctors don't make money from healthy people...they make their money from sick people who come into their office to be cured!
Omigosh, this is such a freaking tragedy. I have never had the flu shot although I almost buckled this past week. 
I spent four days last week in the hospital from the flu and am still recuperating. It hit me so darned hard that I promised myself that next fall, I would be the first one in line for the shot......that is until I read this post. 
My best friend died several years ago because of the flu shot. This woman was as healthy as a bull. She got the shot on Saturday, was in the hospital on Monday, I spoke with her on Tuesday whereupon she informed that she would be back in the comfort of her home by noon Wednesday. I promised that I would pay her a visit that following Saturday but by 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, she was dead. 
Those vaccines are killers. People must do their homework. This is indeed a tragedy. Thanks for sharing.

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