Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jewish Students Ejected from Anti-Israeli Forum at Brooklyn College; BDS and the Jewish Studies Trap

"Brooklyn College faced a new uproar Friday after booting four Jewish students from a controversial anti-Israel forum.
Senior Melanie Goldberg and three classmates were escorted out of the event, which featured the founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, by security officers shortly after it began.
'The whole point of having this debate was that it would be an open academic forum where I would be allowed to ask questions,' said Goldberg, who is studying journalism. 'So I came prepared to ask questions.'
But when Goldberg took out her questions on handouts for the main speaker, BDS founder Omar Barghouti, she was asked by a member of Students for Justice in Palestine, which organized the event, to hand them over.
'Someone came to me and said, ‘Give me all your papers, or you’ll be forcibly removed from the event,’ ' she recalled. 'Not only was it a violation of my freedom of speech, but they made sure to silence me.'
College officials and a member of pro-Palestinian group countered that Goldberg and fellow Hillel members Yvonne Juris, and brothers Avi and Michael Ziegler, were being 'disruptive' and started distributing flyers during the event....."   

Disruptive as in being Jewish, having the right to exist and the right to exercise one’s freedom of speech?  
Being disruptive as in holding opposing viewpoints, considered intolerable by Progressives and their motley crew of terrorists and thugs who selectively covet the First Amendment?
The problem with Progressive educational institutions besides being funded with taxpayer dollars has never been as evident as with Brooklyn College this week.
For the purpose of disclosure, I reside less than a mile from Brooklyn College.  I have lived in this community for nearly thirty-five years and such a forum sheds light on the increasing attacks that is taking place on the synagogues, homes in this community, the increasing display of anti-Semitic propaganda popping up throughout the community and occasional attacks on Jews who live here.
Speak out Brooklyn.  Speak out New York.  Tell the elitists at Brooklyn College, City Hall and Albany that we will not tolerate anti-Semitism in our communities and educational institutions.
Finally, to those who are disputing the ejections note that Jewish members of the media were also ejected from yesterday's forum at Brooklyn College.

BDS Flyer
"The recent boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) event at Brooklyn College featuring professional Palestinian Omar Barghouti and celebrity anti-Israel academic Judith Butler was true to form. A dual purpose was served. For one, students and staff were treated to calls for the destruction of Israel, conducted in a quasi-academic setting, with the implicit endorsement of the institution. Second, as always, trap was sprung on opponents of such campus abuses. Having successfully planned the event and represented it as an intellectual exploration of the one state solution, in which Israel is made extinct, the inevitable complaints regarding its one-sidedness and borderline antisemitism were met with the usual howls of censorship and demands for academic freedom. Politicians became involved on both sides. City Council members were opposed to the campus and tax dollars supporting an anti-Israel recruitment rally. Mayor Bloomberg then came out in favor, and with characteristic tact and insight, condemned the event’s content and scolded the presumably close-minded opponents, wittily telling them to apply to school in North Korea.
Never mind that any event promoting a parallel desire to eliminate Palestine would not be able to schedule a room at a university, much less garner faculty support....."     

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