Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stafford scandal: Let’s face the truth about our uncaring, selfish and cruel NHS

"We don’t want any Mid Staffs 'scapegoats’ – just the people who are actually to blame...
Stafford Scandal NHS Photograph by Rui Vieira PA  Image courtesy of the
Stafford Scandal NHS Photograph by Rui Vieira PA. Image courtesy of the
"It is officially calculated that, between 2005 and 2009, up to 1,200 patients at Stafford Hospital died needlessly. Let us imagine that a comparable disaster occurred in any other institution or enterprise in this country....
...What would happen? In all cases – though more quickly in the private sector than in the public – the relevant management would be sacked. Indeed, the very idea of unnecessary deaths taking years to notice is almost inconceivable. Criminal charges would be brought. In many cases, the offending institution would close down.
But this is the National Health Service, and so we approach it with superstitious reverence, as if the fact that Stafford Hospital performed so many human sacrifices is so awe-inspiring that little can be done about it. For all its rhetoric of condemnation, this week’s report of the Mid Staffs inquiry by Robert Francis QC argues, in effect, that those in charge should stay in charge.
Within hours of the report’s publication, Sir David Nicholson, the chief executive of the NHS, appeared on the BBC. Sir David was head of the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority between 2005 and 2006, and was therefore the senior leader responsible for Stafford Hospital. He sounded quite chirpy. He pointed out – in case we might have doubted it – that he was 'a human being'. In that capacity, he said he was 'shocked' by what had happened at Stafford Hospital, and 'sorry' too. But he fastened quickly on Mr Francis’s comforting words that the problem was the 'culture' rather than any specific bad leadership. Sir David felt 'pretty sure that I know broadly what we need to do': he was staying....."

Pay attention America, the UK's NHS is no different than the USA's Obamacare.  What they endure today in the UK is coming soon to a hospital bed here in America, scandal, cover up and all.
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We will see how much zombies love their messiah when they begin to witness the pain, suffering and death of loved ones denied healthcare and medical treatment because of government regulations set forth by out of touch Marxist elitists with no medical background.
Just as there is no accountability in the UK, when the shtf hits the fan in the USA and the body counts start to pile up, Americans should not be surprised about the extent of lies and cover up that will come to pass.
Indeed, elections have consequences and these are going to hurt.

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