Monday, March 11, 2013

Beware of Perverts Using Viruses to Spy on Women thru Their OWN Webcams.

Horrifying: The woman feeding a baby is visible from thousands of miles away on a hacker's computer

"Growing numbers of women are being spied on by hackers who access their webcams then take secret pictures and post them on 'sex slave' forums.
The hackers - known as Rats - infect the device with a remote administration tool (RAT) that opens up the woman's screen, webcam, files and microphone.
These women can then be monitored in secret or taunted by the hacker who sends mocking messages and pictures into her computer.
The phenomenon is not new but has now reached giant proportions with tech site Arstechnica revealing that one of the 'slave forums' has 23 million total posts...
...The scheme works by fooling the victim into downloading a small piece of software onto their machine.
This can be done by sending them an email asking them to click to see a picture or listen to a song, for example.
Once installed, the RAT software allows the hacker to take control of the machine at any time - rather like the system some big firms use to update their machine's software and fix IT problems....”

Normally, I would not prepare a post of this nature but I thought it too important to pass up.

Up until two years ago, it would have never occurred to me that such a thing takes place my niece warned me about the ability of others to access the webcam on my laptop.

Note, in addition to downloading and/or opening certain emails, one must be weary of social media sites with chat rooms (a few of whom are quite popular) that permit you chat with your webcam and audio.

From what I understand, in order to utilize these sites, one has to create a profile and a profile is created and one utilizes the site, the capability now exists for someone on the other end of the webcam to access your webcam and audio without your realizing it, let alone your permission.

I have since placed a thick piece of paper folded over and covered with tape over my webcam.

As for the audio, that’s another story……really.  

Shortly before my laptop crashed back in January, I recall hearing a sound from my laptop.  The problem with hearing the sound was that my laptop was OFF.  I double-checked the laptop, unplugged it for several moments before turning it back on and did a full virus scan and maintenance just to make sure that I was not hacked.

One week later, my hard drive crashed.

Coincidence?  I have no idea but it freaked me out.

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