Monday, March 4, 2013

Egypt Plagued by Swarm of Locusts.

An enormous swarm of locusts is plaguing Egypt, in a development that agricultural authorities admitted they failed to predict.
Egyptian Agricultural Minister Salah Abad Almoman said the swarm, comprising an estimated 30 million insects, descended on Giza, near southern Cairo, where it is causing great damage.
'The armed forces and the Egyptian border units are trying to battle the swarm with various means at their disposal...

Although seasonal, this year’s occurrence is three weeks before Passover. 
It certainly appears that the Egyptian government is downplaying the effect of this year’s swarm of locusts on its economy and agriculture.

The wave of locusts currently swarming some parts of the nation will not cause any damage to crops, declared Agriculture Minister Salah Abdel Momen on Friday.
The locusts are merely storing fat on their bodies while they go on their spring migration outside of Egypt, the minister said, adding that they store the needed fat for over a week to remain light, thus making their journey easier….

Whether this year’s swarm of locusts makes it to Israel, remains to be seen but Israel is on alert.  It is, however, being reported that due to strong winds the swarm of locusts are headed in the direction of Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea.

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