Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google Honors Cesar Chavez over Jesus Christ

I am determined not to let the devil ruin this rain on my parade this Sunday for me and mine as we rejoice in the glory of the resurrection and Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Having returned to the house this afternoon, I immediately googled recipes for jambalaya that I am preparing as one of the dishes for my Easter dinner.

Although Google is annoyingly politically correct, I expected to see some reference to this Holy day, the Cross or Easter eggs, maybe even bunny rabbits.  I did not expect to see a picture of Cesar Chavez (image below).

Immediately, I put everything aside for ten minutes to fire the following note off to Google “Feedback.”

I am APOPLEPTIC by Google choice to honor a Communist Cesar Chavez this day, over Jesus Christ, the Son of God who has died so that we shall live.

Google knows better, can do better and should make an effort to do so.    Your actions are nothing more than political correctness gone to hell as there is nothing spiritual about the message you put forth.  As history has proven and continues to prove, Communism is a death knell for God’s children.
Time for America, Christians throughout the world to put Google out of business and to move on to another search engine.

Your action stains the corporation and the search engine.

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