Thursday, March 7, 2013

Harry Reid’s Attempt to End Rand Paul's Filibuster FAILS



…As the filibuster entered its sixth hour, Majority Leader Harry Reid arrived on the floor to call for a cloture vote on the filibuster, or else postpone Brennan’s confirmation vote until the next day. Both Saxby Chambliss and Paul objected to the motion, meaning that the filibuster can go on as long as Paul stays standing. Paul said he would be happy to end it if he had reassurance from the Obama administration that drone strikes would not be used on noncombatants. After Reid left the floor, Senators Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and John Cornyn of Texas joined in the effort….

Priceless photograph of a pissed off Harry Reid over his failure to shut down Rand Paul’s epic filibuster.

Tweet your support of Rand Paul and the new guard using twitter hash tag  #StandWithRand which as of this post is still TRENDING.

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