Sunday, March 3, 2013

John Nichols – Speech on the History of American Socialism

“An interesting speech by open socialist and The Nation journalist John Nichols, to Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America, just after the 2012 election

Barack Obama gets a lot of attention and praise, while denying (as DSA always does, as a matter of course) that he is a socialist....”    

A difficult speech for patriots to stomach but incredibly enlightening and deceptive as Progressives, Nichols included, refuses to admit that Obama is a socialist.


Just because they say it, don’t make it so.
That being said, I beg to differ with Nichols several times over while not giving the Republican establishment a pass, I believe that Progressives are guilty and up to their eyeballs in Progressive revisionist history.

About the Republican establishment, they and Progressives are one and the same.

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