Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just Call It the Bitch Slap Heard Around the World as Bill O'Reilly Takes Down Alan Colmes.

Two nights ago, Bill O’Reilly passionately and without mercy took Alan Colmes to task on his boundless espousal of Progressive dogma and misinformation.

O’Reilly who has been in denial for years that the malignant narcissist, Barack Hussein Obama, is intentionally inflicting pain upon the American people and destroying the country finally gets it.

In his talking points, O’Reilly quoted a paragraph from a
Washington Post article written last week while also acknowledging Obama’s intention is to sabotage the United States.

(01:58) “…It’s all about the Progressive theme of: greater good.  Let the folks suffer now so that we can save them later by changing America into a far left nation. 

It’s almost like Mr. Obama is sabotaging the country so he can reshape it….”  

While Colmes acknowledged Obama's intention to flip the House in 2014 from Republican to Progressives, Colmes stuck to the script denying that Obama “purposely wants the American people to suffer.”  Moreover, Colmes like most Progressives was incapable of presenting the facts.

Great night and easy money for Monica Crowley who although she did participate in the discussion, remained inexpressive and out of the line of fire during most of the show smackdown.
Priceless, the fireworks begin at 05:13.

Obama’s objective is to take the House and keep the Senate in 2014 by any means necessary as a pathway to Progressives; namely Barack Obama, achieving total domination over the country and we, the people.

Therefore, the dictator, a petulant child, possessed and unashamed has intentionally made the pain and suffering of the American people a pawn in his expedition for the total destruction of the Republican Party; and Progressive puppets like Colmes have unknowingly or uncaringly become party to Obama’s dereliction of duty, betrayal of the Constitution and acts of treason.

O’Reilly’s outburst and deliverance of the bitch slap heard around the world to Colmes who was in fact lying is well-deserved.  It is just too bad that O’Reilly did not bitch slap the weasel hard enough to awaken Colmes from his delusion.

On a final note, Bill O’Reilly has been hitting a nerve with me lately.  His alleged assessment that my views and those of others aided Obama in getting re-elected is false and based on rhetoric of the Republican establishment who refuses (i) to accept accountability for their own failings; (ii) to accept that they have outlived their usefulness; and (iii) are fighting desperately to hold on to what little power they have left.  However, calling out Alan Colmes was a job well done.

Quote of the year:  

Stuart Varney: "You Sir, are entitled to your own opinion; you are not however entitled to your own facts."

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