Monday, March 18, 2013

Last week’s East Flatbush Riots over the Death of Kimani Gray revisited as more footage becomes available

Female green hoodie, Mahnefeh Gray, Kimani Grays’s 
sister who according to NYDN was arrested as well.

Below are videos that are now coming to light giving us insight into just how ugly it was on Church Avenue, East Flatbush during last week’s protests chaos riots over the death of 16 year old Kimani Gray.
In the videos, we witness a community clearly on edge over the death of one of their own. 
We also bear witness to outside agitators who with the blessings of Progressive politicians and community leaders invaded this community thus taking advantage of a good crisis and indoctrinated youth in order to achieve an end game that has nothing to do with the death of a 16 year old, the people who knew and loved Gray, the community or their interests.
It is impossible to overlook the extent of manipulation and tactics being applied by those leading the protesters as they are very much in line with that of the progressive/MarxoFascist movement of the American Left, i.e., Occupy Wall Street, Cop Watch, the New Black Panther Party and Red Youth to name a few throughout the country against local law enforcement officials....


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