Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nanny Bloomberg: Military Style Drones Coming to NYC ‘Inevitable’; Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Facial Recognition is Working it.

On Friday, Michael Bloomberg still licking his wounds from trouncing of his big gulp legislation predicted that while there are serious issues surrounding their presence and privacy, military style drones are coming to New York.
“ We're going into a different world, unchartered. And, like it or not, what people can do or governments can do is different, and you can to some extent control, but you can't keep the tides from coming in. We're going to have more visibility and less privacy. I don't see how you stop that. And it's not a question of whether I think it's good or bad. I just don't see how you could stop that because we're going to have them….”

  • The FAA announced earlier this month that they were investigating an Alitalia pilot’s claim that while approaching a Kennedy Airport runway, he saw an ‘unmanned aircraft’ (drone) flying nearby at an altitude of 1,500 feet. (Still waiting for the FAA to get back to us on that one.)
  • About a decade ago, Bloomberg and the MTA announced the implementation of a program that would shut down train service along certain subway lines in the City overnight due to much needed repairs.
New Yorkers were assured that the City would run shuttle buses thus accommodating those who traveled during the hours of the shutdown.
However, what Bloomberg and the MTA failed to report is that said program had been in effect for more than two years prior to the official announcement during which time no accommodations were for night time travelers.
Take heed New York:  If Bloomberg is just now going on record stating that drones will plague the skies of New York within the next five years, they are already here.

Earlier this week, Barack Obama wannabe and hand puppet, Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced that through the use of facial recognition technology implemented in New York State three years ago, more than 13,000 alleged cases of identity fraud has been investigated.
“….These investigations have resulted in more than 2,500 arrests and more than 5,000 individuals facing administrative action.
‘DMV’s effective use of facial recognition technology shows how our state government is progressing with a 21st century world to work for New Yorkers,’ Governor Cuomo said. ‘Through this program, we are successfully taking dangerous drivers off our roads, helping to track down criminals, and protecting taxpayer dollars – sending a clear message that New York State does not tolerate identity fraud and those who try will be caught.’
‘We have seen extraordinary results from the use of facial recognition technology,’ said DMV Commissioner Barbara J. Fiala. ‘I commend our Division of Field Investigation (DFI) unit on the implementation of this technology which helps assure that attempts at identity fraud for any reason are deterred….”

As far as Cuomo is concerned, it is all for the good of the collective. Same with Bloomberg and not one word from either Marxist that drones and facial recognition are unconstitutional and invasive.
While Bloomberg mentions privacy issues, he goes nowhere near the U.S. Constitution and the rights of Americans.

“…the Constitution is quite clear that Americans have the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.’ Those rights shouldn’t disappear because technology is the instrument, rather than a human being. Likewise, the Fourth Amendment requires that a warrant providing specific information about what is to be searched for, where, and why, be obtained prior to conducting the search….”

Wrong CBS.  Drones can see through buildings and are equipped with facial recognition.
Imagine a military style drone scanning you as you are napping on your sofa after church on a Sunday afternoon or worse yet, surveilling your home and your person as you take a shower.
We have all read about and some have even been victims of overzealous the TSA who experienced a thrill up their leg scanning passengers.
While this next statement is not intended to be an assault on law enforcement, law enforcement officers who cross the line.

Don’t get nervous, I am merely keeping it real by recalling how the New York Police Department back in the 90’s made history courtesy a merry band of cops who referred to them as the “Nannery Raiders”

That disgusting piece of work by NYPD’s so-called finest became known as the infamous “Dirty 30” scandal which found thirty-three police under arrest.
Considering that nearly twenty years later, things have not improved that much more here in NYC, imagine a team of dirty cops hiding behind the blue wall of silence scanning neighborhoods across NYC for empty apartments and homes to rob, women to victimize, drug dealers to rob.
All of the above in addition to the assault by drones on the liberties of New Yorkers?
Say no New York.  Refuse to comply.

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