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Obama Indefinitely Shutters Doors to the People’s House; EXEMPT: Celebs, Hollywood Elitists, Adele, Beyonce.

UPDATE:  (Cat of the bag a little too early, bad timing with the sequester in effect or another Obama lie misrepresentation illusion?)  It is now being reported that Adele and Beyonce were not booked to perform on January 17, 2014 at Michele Obama’s 50th birthday party.  As per a White House spokesperson, said report is a figment of the British media’s imagination.  Too bad, “…Supposedly, Adele was set to waive her usual fee…”
 Again, I ask, cat out of the bag a little too early, bad timing with the sequester in effect or another Obama lie misrepresentation illusion to take the heat off? 

The Obamas' Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds
Just this past Saturday, Barack Hussein Obama shuttered the doors to the people’s house indefinitely declaring it off-limits to children, tourists, everyone except union thugs, fellow Communists, celebrities, Hollywood elitists and anyone willing to pay a $500,000 fee for access to the Obamas.
Of those no longer permitted entry into the people’s house, many are school children who made plans to visit Washington, D.C. with their classes or their families during spring hiatus.  Part of those plans included a tour of the White House.
Aware that they had their hearts set on the White House tour, Obama intentionally threw a wrench into dreams of our young making them collateral damage in a sequestration of Obama’s making, in spite of the fact that the weekly cost to keep the doors of the White House open to the public costs a meager $74,000, as reported by Politico:
“…White House tours cost the Secret Service an average of $74,000 a week, according to numbers provided by the agency Thursday, amid continued grousing from Hill Republicans who see the move as a petty ploy by the president's team.
During tours, 37 Secret Service officers typically are stationed along the route, each getting paid $50 an hour for 40 hours each week, agency spokesman Edwin Donovan told POLITICO. That works out to $74,000 a week.…”

The thirty-seven secret service agents mentioned in the article above have not been furloughed.  Instead, they were reassigned to other positions at the White House or surrounding locations thus making the closing of the White House nothing more than another Obama illusion.
Another point of reference is that the tours are conducted by VOLUNTEERS?
In the meantime, while children are denied entry into the people’s house, the Obama’s continue to play and spend taxpayer dollars as usual.
Obama’s Florida golf outing last week with Tiger Woods cost taxpayers $1 million.  Said amount would have allowed 341 federal employees to continue working.
Moreover, if the $1 million spent on last week’s golf outing were instead applied to keep the White House open for tours, it would be  more than enough to keep the doors open for one full year. (Source:  Fox News)

Talk about not passing the smell test.

Progressives have for decades used children as props, tools towards reaching goals solely beneficial to avarice of adults and collateral damage in their nasty war games.
No different than the others, Obama has too often used children as a background display to his dog and pony show.  Unfortunately, the shuttering of the White House doors is no different.  In this instance, children are the collateral damage of a despot.
Is it too much to expect Barack Obama to position himself as the adult in the room rather than make America’s children sacrificial lambs to the ideology of this self-proclaims monarch?

Published on Mar 5, 2013
“Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke on the House floor about the announcement made by the White House to cancel all tours due to staffing reductions resulting from sequestration. He talked about an amendment he introduced to the Continuing Resolution which would preventing Obama from using federal funds to transport himself to/from a golf course until White House resumes giving tours to the public.”

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