Sunday, March 17, 2013

Obama, Non-Leader as Paranoid as Hitler Who Had Ten Food Tasters

Message to all the Obama loving so and so's. Your boy has become the pinnacle of paranoia. He had a luncheon date with the GOP last week and would not eat because he left his FOOD TASTER HOME! Yeah, you heard me and I strongly doubt that the sequestration had anything to do with him doing so. Barack left his FOOD TASTER HOME!


Can someone please send Mr. Paranoia an email telling him that (i) if the GOP leaders really wanted to get rid of him, he would have been gone years ago and (ii) no one in America will mess with his food because doing so would mean that the country would find ourselves stuck with Joe Biden.

Who would have imagined a fate worse than Barack?

Progressives, of course, would find all types of excuses to cover Obama’s rear and yes, I would certainly beg to differ.
Obama was in the company of fellow politician, many of whom are party to the Progressive establishment.  The fact that he did not feel safe enough to partake of that which the others did, speaks volumes about what is in the heart of Barack Obama.

That being said, it is only fair to note that his fellow socialist, Adolf Hitler also had a food taster.

By the way, how much are we paying Obama’s food taster(s)?

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