Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Righting the Wrong: PowerPoint Presentation on Islamic Sensitivity NOT SOLE BASIS AF Chaplain/Lt. Col. Jon Trainer Recd Bronze Star as Reported by Media.

Rich Lowry, National Review has printed a correction to yesterday’s article.
“…Lt. Col.  Jon Trainer, a NRO reader, has been in touch and convinced me that this isn’t quite fair. He has explained that the Bronze Star was an end of tour award presented to him for meritorious service over the span of his deployment to Afghanistan, which obviously involved more than that PowerPoint. (This story gives a broader sense of his service during the tour.) So there wasn’t anything inaccurate in the Dayton story or Pat’s post, but…”


The Dayton Daily News reported yesterday and the National Review is running with it that shortly after last year’s Koran burning in Afghanistan, AF Chaplain/Lt. Col. Jon Trainer developed a PowerPoint presentation “…on the proper handling and disposal of Islamic religious material that was seen by every American — military and civilian alike — in Afghanistan. The presentation then was distributed to the U.S. for use in all pre-deployment training…” and that as a result of said presentation, Trainer was awarded the Bronze Star.
Leave it to the lame stream media to misrepresent the facts.  To view this propaganda at Progressive online news site is one thing but one would certainly expect better of the National Review who by the way has made no attempt to issue a correction, which is why CH (LTC) Jon Trainer reached out to Lt. Col and former Congressman, Allen West to right the wrongs and set the record straight.  H/t The Right Scoop.
Below is an excerpt of the post on West’s Facebook page as of last evening:
“This Chaplain (COL) served as my Battalion Chaplain when I was a Battalion Executive Officer. He has asked me to right this wrong. I want everyone to know this email was sent to me by someone I served with and completely trust, and no one should defame our warriors for an agenda. Here is the email in its entirety:
Gunslinger 5,
‘The National Review Online is running an article about CH (LTC) Jon Trainer implying that he received the Bronze Star for creating a PowerPoint presentation. This is false! I served with Jon Trainer in Kabul, Afghanistan and he is one of the finest men and chaplains I have ever worked with in almost 22 years. He received the Bronze Star for his cumulative meritorious service during his overall deployment to the combat zone. He did primarily produce the slide presentation per General Allen's direction to do so. For the NRO to demean his months of faithful service and paint it like this is horrible. The author, Pat Brennan, has been notified that he is conveying a misinterpretation and told Jon ‘thanks for your service,’ but this article speaks to a cause....”

One need not imagine the outrage across the blogosphere when these articles came out, in spite of the fact that they failed to pass the smell test.
AF Chaplain/Lt. Col. Jon Trainer, Lt. Col and former Congressman, Allen West, are two patriots, American heroes who deserves better than the treatment they often receive.
Thank you Allen West and Jon Trainer for setting the record straight and most of all, thank you for your service.

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